Handcrafted Furniture Built on Vancouver Island BC

Luxury Wooden Doors and Furniture Inspired by West Coast Wilderness

Expert Craftsmanship

Every piece we build is custom tailored to complement the home where it will live. With 30+ years of combined experience, our joiners are the reason Karmanah tables and doors are amongst the finest available.

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Environmental sustainability is one of our core principles, which is why we only obtain materials through ecologically sound practices. All Karmanah tables are produced either from windfall trees, trees taken down due to hazard, or reclaimed wood from salvaged buildings or bridges. Materials for our doors are obtained from B.C. businesses in strict compliance with the Forest and Range Practices Act, which maintains a high level of protection for watersheds and wildlife habitat.

Multi-Home Installations

We are experienced at providing multi-home development services, providing high quality products with competitive pricing. Whether your project is large or small, we can help.

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